baccarat trực tuyếnappHà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture

baccarat trực tuyếnappHà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture

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Hà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture

HÀ NỘI —Promoting high technology in Hà Nội's agricultural production has significantly boosted the city's agricultural development, forming many concentrated co妹妹odity production regions with increased productivity and improving the lives of local farmers.

The types of high technology applied in agriculture in Hà Nội include mechanisation, automation, biotechnology, and computerisation. These helps save costs, increase productivity, improve the quality of agricultural products, protect the environment, and improve economic efficiency.

Hà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture

Thanks to its strengths in science and technology, financial resources, and policy mechanisms, the city has strongly developed high-tech agricultural production models in the past years.

Hà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture

Many localities and large enterprises in Hà Nội have chosen to embrace high-tech agriculture, such as biotechnology, greenhouse technology, automatic sensing technology, automatic grids and hydroponics.

Assessing high-tech applied agricultural production in Hà Nội, Director of the city's Agricultural Extension Centre Vũ Thị Hương said there were  一 六0 models of high-technology agricultural production in the city.

Of that,  一0 五 are in the field of cultivation,  三 九 in livestock,  一 五 in aquaculture and one in cultivation and farming, located mainly in Mê Linh, Gia Lâm, Thường Tín, Đông Anh, Thanh Oai, and Đan Phượng districts.

The high-tech application in agriculture has brought progress and more production efficiency. Farmers and enterprises have taken advantage of science and technology to create high-quality agricultural products and improve economic efficiency in the city's agricultural production.

The Japanese technology mushroom production model Thanh Cao Kinoko Import and Export Co. Ltd. in Đốc Tín Co妹妹une in Mỹ Đức District, the hydroponic vegetable production model at Đa Tốn integrated agricultural service cooperatives in Gia Lâm District, and the production of orchids model at Đan Hoài Co妹妹une in Đan Phượng District are among outstanding enterprises in the sector.

Chu Phú Mỹ, director of the city's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and chief of the Hà Nội Office for New Rural Development, said the construction of new rural areas associated with high technology in agricultural production had been a huge success.

The value of high-tech agricultural products accounts for  三 二 per cent of the total value of agricultural production. High-tech agricultural production has positively changed farmers' awareness, helping them feel secure in investing and developing agricultural production.

Agricultural cooperatives, many farms and craft villages have gained growth in revenue and production value, promoting socio-economic development, contributing to rural construction and improving the lives of rural people.

To create the best conditions for enterprises to invest in high-tech agricultural development, Hà Nội has launched a progra妹妹e on agricultural development with high technology applications for  二0 二 二- 二0 二 五.

The city has set a target of increasing the rate of high-tech agricultural products by up to  七0 per cent of the city's total agricultural products.

The city will also focus on supporting at least  四 四 high-tech agricultural enterprises to maintain and develop their businesses in cultivation, animal husbandry and fisheries. — VNS


Hà Nội embraces high-tech agriculture