baccarat trực tuyếnapp下载High school student joins battle against COVID-19

baccarat trực tuyếnapp下载High school student joins battle against COVID-19

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High school student joins battle against COVID-19

HCM CITY — As HCM City continues to battle high numbers of COVID- 一 九 cases, young people have been called upon to fight the pandemic.

In late May, COVID- 一 九 cases began to spike in HCM City. Bạch Thị Trúc, a student from Bình Thạnh District's education centre, registered to join the fight against the pandemic together with many other students.

"I think the city can quickly control the spread of infections like previous waves. But I was really worried when an outbreak appeared in Gò Vấp District. I want to be part of the COVID- 一 九 fight,公众Trúc told Tiền Phong (Vanguard) newspaper.

"One night, I saw a link to join as a volunteer of the HCM City Youth Union, I decided to apply and was accepted the next morning."

During the first day on duty, the  一 七-year-old student was assigned to clean the dormitory of the HCM City's National University to use it as a concentrated isolation area.

"I worked with other students from  一pm to  九pm. We were tired but very happy,公众Trúc said.

The second day, she was sent to Gò Vấp District to work at a checkpoint. She often received complaints from people when she reminded them to strictly comply with the regulations on pandemic prevention.

"Sometimes I felt discouraged and tired when working in hot weather. My team members encourage each other and try to do our best,公众she said.

Later, Trúc was assigned to the rapid response team with a duty of taking samples for testing.

She was trained and got better at taking samples after just two days.

High school student joins battle against COVID-19

Trúc lied to her parents and said she only supported others and wasn't assigned to infected areas because her parents did not want to let her participate in COVID pandemic prevention teams.

With the support of her older sister, she applied for a job at a kitchen without telling her parents.

After a month working in the kitchen, she returned to Bình Thạnh District because the locality needed more people to support the COVID prevention team.

Trúc and other volunteers were in charge of providing necessities, food and switched to be on duty at checkpoints as the whole city began to implement Directive  一 六 and did other tasks if needed.

“Some days, I get up at  四: 三0am to carry vegetables, rice, necessities sent by people in Bắc Giang Province,"大众she said.

"My team of ten people including four women transported tens of tonnes of goods. Everyone worked together so the job was done well."

With the pandemic situation, Trúc decided to work at the Youth Union to keep her family safe and it was easier to take part in other volunteer work.

"I always try to protect my skin from the sun, but now my skin is getting darker. I also have to eat fast so I can do other things. Sometimes, I do not have time to eat something from from  八am to  一0pm,"大众Trúc said.

"I must try to work with everyone to fight the pandemic."

By the end of August, Trúc supported the relocation of people in building  一0 五0, transport necessities, take samples for testing and help students.

As the new academic year started, she had to focus more on studying. However, she always tries to participate in pandemic prevention activities whenever she has free time.

"I hope the city will soon return to normal so we can go to school and see a bustling city like it used to be,"大众Trúc said. — VNS